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Nevada County Woods Riders
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Darek D Watson  | Published on 4/8/2016
I would like to thank all the members of NCWR for sending in your votes and those that brought them to the general meeting.  Of all the ballots we received, it was 100% unanimous to agree and sign the agreement with the Forest Service.
As a BOD member, I can't tell you how happy I am that our members stepped up to the plate to make this happen.  The BOD took the standing that whether or not we agreed or disagreed, it would be our members who had the final say in the matter.
I would also like to thank our President Frank.  He has spent many months working with the USFS on this agreement, and I feel we ended up with a great document to sign.
I also have to thank the USFS for working with our club.  They did not have to give in to our demands, but guess what, they gave us basically everything we wanted.
I am looking forward to having this agreement in place and having the NCWR and USFS work together in the years to come.
NCWR Secretary